Steroid Treatment

DaVida Medical & Aesthetics San Antonio kenalog injections are designed to reduce cysts, inflammation, and nodules caused by acne. These injections are not meant to be used as a preventative measure. Instead, this procedure is more of an aid for those who struggle with chronic inflammation in the skin and/or issues with acne. In general, patients who want relief from cystic acne prior to big events opt for kenalog injections because the injections effectively relieve acne fast.
San Antonio Kenalog Injections | DaVida Medical & Aesthetics


Kenalog injections are commonly used to help deep, cystic acne lesions resolve fast. We effectively and safely inject this steroid solution into inflamed and cystic acne lesions. It works to decrease the large bump that is below the skin’s surface and to minimize the risks of scarring.

These injections are only performed by our trained medical professionals and is a way to treat inflamed acne for many patients.


If you looking for relief from your inflamed cysts, our San Antonio kenalog injections may be an option for you. Our medical treatments are tailored to patients’ unique needs. Treatment for cystic acne include steroid injections, as well as topical or oral medications.

During your consultation, we will create a personalized treatment plan to help treat your cystic acne and achieve the beautiful, healthy skin you deserve.

The cost of our kenalog injections varies depending on the extent of treatment needed to achieve desired results. DaVida Medical & Aesthetics accepts insurance from most healthcare plans. But to get a more accurate estimate of your treatment cost, we encourage you to schedule a private consultation.


The best way to gauge a med spa’s skill is to view their past work. Please browse our before and after gallery, to see for yourself the dramatic results you can expect to achieve from our kenalog injection treatments.